Friday, May 7, 2010

5th Grade Chorus Rehearsal: May 7, 2010

Today, the 5th grade chorus recorded their 5 concert songs.  Our concert is on June 8th and we have about 2 rehearsals left.

Listen to the recordings and leave a comment.  You do not need to leave your name.  Your comment may be a positive one or one that suggests an improvement or something that needs to be worked on.  There should be no negative or rude comments.  I will provide some ideas of what you should be listening to for each song.

(in concert order)
Cape Cod Chantey (arr. Gallina)

(Right Click HERE and Chose "Save As" to Download)
Listen for how both parts fit together (do they blend well? are the sections tight??)  and the ending!!!

Afternoon on a Hill (Gray)

(Right Click HERE and Chose "Save As" to Download)
Listen to the harmonies, the middle section, the ending (was it too harsh?), and was the group singing in the appropriate style (smooth and light?

Blackbird (arr. Friedman)

(Right Click HERE and Chose "Save As" to Download)
Didn't Dex rock? (I know we need to work on the end and yes it is different then the real version!)
What sections need to be worked on still?  How did the part 2 harmony section sound in the 2nd verse?

Swingin' With the Saints (arr. Hayes)

(Right Click HERE and Chose "Save As" to Download)
Are both parts balanced in the beginning section?  Do you notice a style change from the first section to the second?  What needs to still be worked on?

Don't Stop Believin'

(Right Click HERE and Chose "Save As" to Download)
I know, I know, next time with the real band!  Didn't our soloists rock?!  How are the harmonies?  Do both parts blend well?  Do you notice the talking in the middle of the song (I heard it very clearly)

Feel free to leave any other comments about the performance as a whole.  Are we ready for June 8th?!

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  1. i thought it was great!! Mrs. Friedman you must be the best teacher ever! Even though i dont have speakers im sure they rocked out! i dont think Remi should have the solo though.. ellie was good, REALLY GOOD! Amanda and Imani are amazing together, but again remi ehh so so but my favorites were Ellie Imani Amanda and i thought Aoi was outstanding on the piano, it would have probably sounded cooler with the real band but hey work with what you got right?