Saturday, October 24, 2009

4th Grade Chorus Rehearsal October 22, 2009

The following recordings are of the Thursday 4th grade chorus class rehearsal (Ms. Brehm & Ms. Eigo). They rehearsed the following two songs:

"Life is Precious"

(Right Click HERE and Chose "Save As" to Download)

"Seed to Sow"

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Post a reflection of their performance.
In "Life is Precious" -- how was their phrasing?  How did the harmony sound when both parts split (the end of the 2nd verse and the chorus section)?  Did one section overpower the other or when they blended well together?

In "Seed to Sow" -- how was their diction (annunciation of the beginning and ends of all words)?  How were their dynamic changes?  How was the harmony during the chorus sections?

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