Saturday, October 24, 2009

5th Grade Chorus Rehearsal: October 23, 2009

Today, the 5th grade chorus ran through 4 of their concert songs (as much as they have learned so far).

"You Gotta Sing"

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"Peace on Earth...and Lots of Little Crickets"

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"Ton The"

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"Dreams of the Sleeping Birds"

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Post a reflection on any or all of the above songs.
*"You Gotta Sing" -- how was the harmony in the different verses?  Were the accents present in the "you gotta shake" verse?  How was the overall energy?

* "Peace on Earth..." -- how was the chorus's diction?  Can you understand the words?  How was the harmony (the 2 verses before the Boom-shingas...)?  What happened during the Boom-shinga's and the last verse??!?!

*"Ton The" -- how was the diction?  How was the energy of the ensemble?  How was the harmony sections?  Did one section overpower the other or was the ensemble balanced?

*"Dreams of the Sleeping Birds" -- How was the tone of the chorus?  How was the phrasing?  Was there any sliding or were the notes hit preciously?  How was the harmony section and the ending?  Did the group sound focused?

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  1. Dear Mrs.Friedman,
    The chorus sounds great this year. I really miss salem and all the fun the fifth grade had annoying you. You do an excellent job and I wish I was still on the rissers being directed by you!

    - Carolyn Bollerman
    stundent from last year